For booking at Matchless, please contact: Please include a link to a site where we can stream your music online (Facebook, Bandcamp, etc).

The Matchless live room has a full state of the art sound system, backline, & stage (17'dx13w'x2'). Matchless hosts bands, parties, DJ's, & private events 7 nights a week.


  • Board: Allen & Heath ZED420 16 channel board w/ 20 inputs and full range of effects.
  • Sound: 2 JBL SF 25 speakers, 3 EV stage monitors.
  • Mics:4 Shure SM58, 1 Shure SM57,1 Shure Beta52 (Kick Drum), 2 AKG D9000.


  • Vox Pathfinder 15R guitar combo. Sounds great and if not loud enough has a line out to the house.
  • Line 6 4x12" guitar cabinet. Celestion speakers and a selectable ohm rating so any head will work without possibility of damage.
  • SWR Bass750 bass head through a 4x10" bass cab and direct out.
  • Ludwig Accent Custom CS drum kit including: 22" kick, 16" floor-tom. 10" & 12" rack-toms. 5 Cymbal stands. No snare, no wingnuts or felts, hi-hat stand, no clutch. kick pedal, no throne and 2 snare stands.

***Drummers must bring snare, cymbals, sticks, throne, kick pedal, hi-hat clutch, cymbal felts + wing nuts.

DJ Equipment:

  • 2 Technics 1200 turn tables.
  • 1 Numark M3 DJ mixer.

***DJ's must bring own needles, headphones.

For questions regarding sound and backline, contact Niko at